Tungsten Electrode AU Only

1% Lanthanated Premium Tungsten Electrode, 1.6mm


Powercraft 2% Lanthanated Tungsten Electrodes


The Powercraft 1% Lanthanated (Black) Premium Tungsten Electrodes offer excellent arc starts and stability while reducing oxide build up. The engineered 1% Lanthanated composition is recommended for medium to high amperage applications and can be used for both DC and AC currents.


  • 1% Lanthanated (EWLa-2 / Black) tungsten is ideal for medium to high amperage applications which use a DC or AC currents
  • Premium and consistent composition for excellent arc starts and stabilty
  • "1.6mm electrode diameter should used with amperages between 60 - 150 A"
  • "Also available in 1.6mm,2.4mm, 3.2mm electrode diameters"

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