Magnum PRO 500 Water Cooled Mechanized Torch

Magnum® PRO 500 Water Cooled Mechanized Welding Gun - 15 ft


Magnum® PRO Semi-Automatic Water Cooled MIG welding gun with 500A 100% mixed gas duty cycle.


The Magnum PRO Water Cooled Welding Guns are built to tackle high-heat applications, such as HyperFill, due to its 500A 100% duty cycle. This mechanized version of the Magnum® PRO 500 Water Cooled line of torches features a straight barrel design, making it the ideal choice for high output hard automation applications.


  • 500A 100% Duty Cycle – Ideal for high output applications
  • Premium Tip Performance – The large diameter and mass of the Magnum PRO Copper Plus contact tips help disperse heat and keep the tips cooler, expanding their life
  • Straight Barrel - Designed to be mounted in torch fixtures for mechanized applications.

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