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Diameters / Packaging

5 kg spool
15 kg spool
250 kg drum
350 kg drum
0.8 mm AUM0805S6 AUM0815S6
0.9 mm AUM0905S6 AUM0915S6 AUM09250S6
1.0 mm AUM1015S6 AUM10250S6
1.2 mm AUM1205S6 AUM1215S6
1.2mm AUM12250S6
1.6 mm AUM16350S6

Ultramag® S6

AWS 5.18 : ER70S-6
G 49A 3U M21/C1 S6

Unalloyed, General fabrication, All positions


ULTRAMAG S6 is a solid wire which excellent reliability, stability and performance. It may be used in prequalified welding procedures for steel groups 1 – 7C as defined in AS/NZS 1554.1 Table 4.6.1. ULTRAMAG S6 boasts a robust copper coating which provides good electrical conductivity resulting in stable arcs and good feedability. The Chemistry of the wire provides excellent toe wetting and weld bead appearance.


  • High levels of manganese and silicon deoxidizers tolerate medium mill scale surfaces
  • Excellent toe-wetting provides optimal bead appearance
  • Copper coated for long contact tip life
  • Suitable for use with Ar-CO2 mixed shielding gas and 100% CO2 shielding gas