Lincoln Automation gantry systems are a robust, cost-effective solution for a majority of welding applications which increase productivity and reduce process times. Our gantry solutions incorporate precision drive motors to ensure maximum welding accuracy as well as the capability to incorporate multiple weld heads onto one system. Lincoln offers a customized turn-key system designed specifically for the customer’s needs in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Types of Systems

Standard Power Gantry (Dual Head)

  • Each welding head will be mounted on a manually adjustable carriage for horizontal and vertical coarse adjustment of weld heads
  • Weld travel speed will be controlled by two synchronized motors driving the gantry
  • A cable support is provided on gantry frame to manage all cables and hoses required for each welding head
  • Capable of SAW and GMAW
  • Can include standard hopper mounted flux recovery systems
  • Each weld head includes a motorized cross slides for vertical and cross seam adjustment as well as the capability for an automatic seam tracking system

Custom Design Gantries

  • Custom gantry solutions are also available for more complex beam welding applications such as Dual Tandem SAW Heavy Duty Gantries for large girders with complex geometry

Processes & Applications


  • SMAW or GMAW
  • Single, Tandem, or Tiny Twin SubArc, MIG, Hyperfill Welding processes


  • Panel Systems, Structural Steel, Shipbuilding, I beam/H beam, Girders