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When it comes to sales, developing a reputation as a distributor with the knowledge to solve customer problems is essential. Reaching this level of expertise in the world of welding can be a real benefit to your organization and your career.

At a location near you, our experienced instructors offer hands-on classes for distributors that cover a wide range of products and techniques

Learn to effectively identify and communicate the solutions your customers need to tackle any welding application.

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The Lincoln Electric Honors Program

The Lincoln Electric Honors Program is designed specifically to help sales personnel increase their understanding of Lincoln Electric products, technologies, and services to serve customers better.

The Lincoln Electric Honors Program includes online eLearning and in-person training covering welding processes, equipment, and filler metals. This essential training is explicitly designed to help sales personnel increase their understanding of Lincoln Electric product, applications and their advantages and get rewarded for it!

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Course Available Covering:

Five main arc welding processes: SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and SAW.

Productivity improvements and practices for reducing welding costs for customers.

Features, advantages and benefits for equipment and consumables.

Advanced technology Power Wave® equipment platform as well as advanced waveforms to increase safety, quality and productivity for customers.

VRTEX® virtual reality welding training simulators, REALWELD® training systems and ClassMate™ robotic welding training systems.

Advanced alloys and hardfacing filler metals.