Expanding Capabilities with Rimrock Equipment

Rimrock® equipment has served the die casting, foundry, and forging industries for over half a century. Standard Rimrock mechanized and robotic ladles, reciprocators, spray atomizers, and spray wands from Lincoln Electric Automation help make these industries' work environments safer and more efficient.

Video - Foundry Ladles

Foundry Ladles

Lincoln Electric Automation offers an assortment of robotic and mechanical Rimrock ladles to meet your foundry pouring challenges. Our two axis and seventh axis ladles help achieve consistent metal temperatures and quality.

Watch Rimrock 7th Axis Robotic Ladle Overview

Video - Spray

Spray Equipment

Lincoln Electric Automation products have continually set the bar for die lubrication and cooling performance. Whether you require a simple hand spray wand or a fully automated robotic spray system, our solutions are easy to set up, simple to understand, and have withstood the test of time. Our spray options include Minimum Quantity Lube (MQL), Micro Spray, High Intensity, and Programmable Pulse atomizers adaptable to your unique application.

Watch Rimrock spray atomizers in action!

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As a trusted leader in the die casting industry, Lincoln Electric Automation offers robotic and mechanized Rimrock products that help increase production quality, speed, and consistency in spray, ladling, material handling, and part finishing processes.