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Metalshield® MC-70 XLS™ Metal Cored Gas Shielded Wire (MCAW)

Canadian Made Metal-Cored Wire

• Low Silica Islands - Smooth, stable arc characteristics with low diffusible hydrogen (H4) and spatter levels
• Low Hassle - Minimal post weld clean up
• Best-In-Class Bead Appearance - Best-in-class edge wetting

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Outershield 71 Elite/Flux Cored Application

Canadian Made Flux-Cored Wire

Outershield® 71 Elite Flux-Cored Gas-Shielded (FCAW-G)

• Good Wetting - Minimal Spatter
• Low Hassle - Low Spatter
• Good Bead Appearance - Smooth Arc Transfer

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Cored Wire Solutions

From high deposition welding, fume management, dependable multi-process welding equipment and collaborative robots - Lincoln Electric has the CORED WIRE solution for your fabrication needs.

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