SuperGlaze® Aluminum Wire Gem-Pak™ Bulk Packaging is a proprietary bulk packaging system that keeps aluminum wire tangle-free while increasing productivity by reducing changeover time and contact tip usage.

Long Term Advantages

Improves Aluminum Wire Feed-ability.png

Improves Aluminum Wire Feed-ability

Reduces Set-Up Costs.png

Reduces Set-Up Costs

Improves Productivity.png

Improves Productivity

Ideal for High Volume Applications and Long Welds.png

Ideal for High Volume Applications and Long Welds

Eliminated Weld Defects and Repairs.png

Minimized Weld Defects and Repairs

Increases Contact Tip Lifespan.png

Reduce Contact Tip Usage

Improves Arc Starts.png

Improves Arc Starts

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Prevent Tip Burn-backs


Tangle-Free Guaranteed

The Gem-Pak system consists of a unique core structure and glass gems that are weighted based on alloy and wire diameter, which lay on top of the wire as it unreels during use. This allows for a smooth tangle-free performance and improved feed-ability every time.

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Predictable Performance

The Lincoln Electric patented Gem-Pak bulk packaging system is designed to improve productivity. This engineered system creates a controlled feed system unlike any other aluminum wire bulk packaging system in the industry.

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Simple Pay-Off Process

Not only is the Gem-Pak system easy to set-up, it also does not require external payoff devices and expenses. Forklift ready corrugated cardboard pallet and mini-pallets provide maximum portability and is 100% recyclable.

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Gem Paks & Production

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