IUEC Instructor Randy Cristolini Takes His Training to the Next Level

Randy Cristolini has to stay on top of his own welding training before he can train union apprentices.

Randy is an elevator instructor for the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. He is one of about 800 IUEC instructors nationwide. IUEC conducts training on behalf of the Joint Apprentice Training Committee.

He teaches union apprentices in a number of courses, including welding. But before teaching that skill, IUEC mandates that he receives certification in 3G (vertical up) and 4G (overhead) shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). “The union requires that instructors master these welds to be qualified to teach,” Randy says.


To get his certification, Randy attended class at the Lincoln Electric Welding Technology and Training Center (WTTC) in Cleveland, Ohio. It was well worth the trip. As a welder, Randy said the most important lesson learned was, “Slow Down. That was the biggest takeway for me and made a big difference the latest equipment.


   “As an instructor, my biggest lesson was learning how Charlie (Lincoln Electric Welding School instructor Charlie LaRiche) shows the different ways to do the root pass to get the same outcome with different procedures. We learned how the little things like getting the right stance can make a big difference.” Randy watched how Charlie teaches a group and how he “shows the student the weld, the technique and the theory behind the welding.”

Another takeaway was the appropriate travel speed to positively impact weld appearance, and he took home knowledge of the theories behind welding processes.

Randy also came away impressed with the WTTC. “The school is a football field of the latest equipment,” he says. “Everything about the school was amazing.”