Positioning Pipe-on-Plate Coupon to Swing Arm

One of the new features included with Upgrade 6 is the Pipe-on-Plate (POP) coupon. Using this coupon, student can practice 21 new welds in the 2F, 4F, and 5F positions. Positioning the new coupon is similar to the process used to mount the existing six inch and two inch open root pipe coupons, which can be found with all VRTEX® 360 base packages and software. The new POP coupon adds an overhead 4F weld.

The physical POP coupon will be provided with the purchase of the Upgrade 6 software package.

1. Positioning for 2F and 5F POP:

Insert the coupon onto the swing arm by pulling back
the swing arm plunger and insert the coupon button into the hole on
top of the swing arm. The cross found on the bottom of the coupon
will need to be fully seated into the recessed spot on
the top of the swing arm. Push the plunger in to lock
the coupon in place. The coupon is now set up for the 2F position.

To change to to the 5F position, first navigate in the software
to the coupon selection screen and change the coupon selection to 5F.
Remove the swing arm pin which is commonly referred to as the “Pipe Pin”.

This allows the user to swing the coupon down to
the 90° position, thus creating the 5F POP position.
Reinsert the Pipe Pin into the swing arm.
This will lock the coupon in the 5F position.

2. Positioning for 4F POP:

The above steps used for 2F and 5F are the same steps used for
two inch and six inch grooved pipe. 4F POP requires a different setup.
The only way to position the overhead POP would be similar the method
used to insert an overhead T plate or overhead grooved plate. Position
the coupon with the button facing up and the pipe opening facing down.
With the swing arm in t

he straight arm position, pull out the plunger.
Insert the coupon button into the hole found on the bottom of the swing arm,
andpush in the plunger. This will lock the coupon into the overhead position.
Next, select thematching 4F software on the coupon selection screen.

3. Creating a 6F Weld:

Upgrade 6 does not include the 6F position as a standard weld choice. It will not be found in the latest version of the WPS. However, 6F positioning can be achieved with a few extra steps. This will require “creating a new tolerance”, and applying some basic logic.

Step 1 Navigate to the INSTRUCTOR MODE
Step 2 Choose TOLERANCES
Step 3 Press the yellow EDIT icon
Step 4 Press CREATE NEW
Step 5 Name the new tolerance “6F POP”
Step 6 Scroll thru TOLERANCES. Find and select 6F POP. Confirm by pressing the green icon
Step 7 Press the green icon again to CUSTOMIZE

Step 8 Select the 5F POP weld and select a desired process
Step 9 Make any needed parameter changes while in the Tolerance Editor
Step 10 Press the red menu button to Logout
Step 11 While still in the “6F POP” tolerance, navigate to the “5F” weld
Step 12 Set the swing arm to 6G Pipe position. The image for the Stand Assembly Set Up

screen will still appear to be a 5F set up
Step 13 Choose the least busy environment – WELD BOOTH The environment will be tilted,
the swing arm bent down, but in the helmet view the POP coupon will appear to be
at the 6F angle. All welding motions and parameters will correspond to the
6F position.

Scoring reference to 6F will be the Tolerance name “6F POP”,
found on the Student Reports (USB).Create your own
corresponding WPS to reference the new weld.
All other welds found while in the 6F folder remain as
DEFAULT Tolerances.