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AS 231B

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

Agglomerated rutile type flux for welding general structural steels.


AS 231B is an agglomerated rutile type flux for welding general structural steels. It is also used for welding fine-grain steels with a yield strength of up to 355 MPa. Relatively high silicon pick-up is achieved with this flux and when used in conjunction with AS 26, AS 35 wire electrodes manganese pick-up also results. AS 231B is particularly well-suited to twin-wire, tandem and multi-wire welding at high speeds. It can also be used with the two-run technique especially when weld thin-walled spiral tubes. The good slag detachability makes AS 231 a standard for fillet welding. AS 231 can be welded on DC+ or AC at up to 1500 A


  • Excellent slag removal and good wettability
  • Smooth and shiny bead appearance
  • Designed for gas bottles welding application


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