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AS 461Si

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

Agglomerated aluminate-basic type flux for welding of general structural steels


AS 461Si is an agglomerated aluminate-basic type flux for welding of general structural steels, boiler and pipe steels, fine-grain structural steels and as well for surfacing. AS 461Si produces a higher silicon level compared to AS 461 with medium Manganese pick-up and allows high welding speeds (0,9 m/min). AS 26, AS 35 and AS 40A wire electrodes are preferred for multilayer welding; AS 40A is also recommended for welding from both sides in one pass or when welding one-sided with single layer technique for higher level of toughness. AS 461Si is suitable for twin-wire, tandem and multi-wire welding techniques. Nice bead surface and good slag detachability make AS 461Si perfectly suited for fillet welds. It can be welded on DC and AC up to 1000A with the single-wire technique and up to 1500A with two-wire technique.


  • High silicon pick-up flux
  • Smooth bead surface
  • Suitable for one side welding as well


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