spool flux-cored wire oerlikon

Diameters / Packaging

16 KG SPOOL (B300)
1.2 mm W000281055


Metal-Cored Gas-Shielded (GMAW-C)

AWS: E70C-6M H4

CITOFLUX M00 is a high deposition rate metal cored wire.


Excellent welding properties with both short and spray arc. Characteristic features are: good edge wetting, finely rippled welds, little oxide formation on the weld surface making multipass welding possible without inter-run cleaning. The weld profile is easily controllable making this wire well suited for gap bridging and positional welding.


  • CITOFLUX M00 is a high deposition rate metal cored wire with impact properties at - 50°C. Better tolerance of variable gap and surface conditions in relation to MAG process
  • Good side wall wetting, regular bead profile, optimized amount of silicates, reduced spatters
  • Bridging and root passing capabilities with short and pulsed arc
  • Very good weldability with short, pulsed and spray arc. Suitable for robotic applications
  • Applicable for welding of flanges of wind mill towers

Shielding Gas

  • M21 : Mixed gas Ar+ >15-25% CO2


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -