cardboard box oerlikon

Diameters / Packaging

CBOX 5.2 KG (Approx. 35 PCS)
CBOX 5.2 KG (Approx. 50 PCS)
CBOX 5.7 KG (Approx. 85 PCS)
4.0x450 mm W000258525
5.0x450 mm W000258526
6.0x450 mm W000258527


Stick (SMAW)

EN 14700 : E Fe1

Basic electrode for harfacing applications


CITORAIL is a thick basic coated MMA electrode for hard facing deposits of medium hardness. Surfacing of rails up to 855N/mm² Tensile Strength. Typical applications include rails, rail crossings, switch points, sprockets and wearing parts, such as rope pulleys, tumblers, rollers, caterpillar track rollers and links, wheel flanges, stud links and similar components. Particularly suitable for hardfacing of wear-resisting parts subject to sliding impact e.g. slideways, shock resistance e.g. cams and rolling impact resistance e.g. rotors.


  • Weld Metal hardness ~275-325 HB can be machined by chip-forming.
  • Good weldability when positional welding
  • Shall be used in DC+ current.

Welding Positions

  • All position, except vertical down

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