stainless steel flux-cored wire

Diameters / Packaging

15 KG SPOOL (BS300)
1.2 mm W000281261


Flux-Cored Gas-Shielded (FCAW-G)

AWS A5.22 : E308LT1-1

Alloyed rutile flux cored wire with a fast-freezing slag for positional welding of corrosion resistant 308 Cr-Ni steels.


FLUXINOX 308L PF exhibits outstanding, almost spatter-free, welding properties with very easy slag removal. Designed for welding in the horizontal (PD), overhead (PE) and vertical-up (PF) positions.


  • Fluxinox 308 L PF delivers welds with high corrosion resistance due to low carbon and balanced chemical composition.
  • The best quality of welds with standard CV power sources helps to reduce investment expenditures.
  • High productivity generates savings in total welding costs. Optimal semiautomatic process with high duty cycle.
  • Savings in total welding cost resulting from reduced cleaning. Spatter free welds with easy slag removal.
  • Higher overall performance and weldability comparing to solid wires and manual stick electrodes.
  • Suitable for positional welding

Welding Positions

  • All positions

Shielding Gas

  • M21 : Mixed gas Ar+ >15-25% CO2, C1 : Active gas 100% CO2