Sahara ReadyPack Stick Electrodes Package

Diameters / Packaging

SRP 12 KG (8 x 1.5 KG, approx. 224 pcs)
SRP 14 KG (10 x 1.4 KG, approx. 700 pcs)
SRP 14.4 KG (8 x 1.8 KG, approx. 400 pcs)
2.5x350 mm 524809-1
3.2x350 mm 524816-1
4.0x350 mm 524823-1

Kryo® 1R

Stick (SMAW)

AWS A5.5 : E 8018-C3-H4R
EN ISO 2560-A : E 46 6 1Ni B 32 H5

The basic all position offshore electrode with max. 1% Ni for “sour service” oilfield requirements


KRYO 1R is a basic all position electrode with max. 1%Ni for offshore applications. Ni content is controlled to meet “sour service” oilfield requirements such as NACE MR0175.


  • Excellent mechanical properties (impact down to -60°C)
  • Weldable on AC and DC
  • Extremely low hydrogen content

Welding Positions

  • All position, except vertical down

Service Information