Cooper Cobot Cart


COOPER™ CART SERIES : Compact solution to robotize with ease


Finding skilled welders continues to challenge many industries. The solution? Automation! We combined more than a century of innovative welding know-how with your real-world automation needs to create our Cooper™ welding cobots. Cooper welding cobots are available as compact cart systems. The carts are designed to move anywhere you need to weld. It's the affordable, game-changing solution you need to level up your welding and your business!


  • The innovative Cooper App will help you quickly program and produce quality welds!
  • Mobile and adaptable : Easily deployed and programmed to weld in minutes. You can quickly automate tasks for improved productivity and throughput. Choose your Cart version to perfectly fit to your job.
  • The Power Wave R450 Makes It Possible - The industry-leading Power Wave R450 power source provides fast travel speeds and low spatter generation.
  • Highest Safety : Truly Collaborative Environment. The design and intelligent contact-sensing technology allows the Cooper to safely work side-by-side with welding operator.
  • Maintenance free : The Cobot is designed for eight years ZERO maintenance on motors, reducers, sensors, cables, and grease – delivering peace of mind, you can trust.

Typical Applications

  • High-Mix Job Shops
  • Repair & Re-manufacturing
  • Mechanical Contractors & Pipe Shops
  • Steel Fabricators & Metal Service Centres
  • Training & Educational Programs