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OP 192

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

Agglomerated aluminate-basic flux


OP 192 is an agglomerated aluminate-basic type flux for the welding of general structural steels, boiler and pipe steels, as well as fine-grain structural steels. The welding flux produces a medium silicon and manganese pick-up and is therefore used in combination with the wire electrodes OE-S2 and OE-S2 Mo. OP 192 is suitable for twin-wire, tandem and multi-wire welding using the single layer or multi-layer techniques. For higher level of toughness, it an OE-S2 Mo wire electrode is recommended when welding from both sides in one pass or when welding one-sided with the single layer technique. The finely rippled bead surface and the good slag detachability make OP 192 perfectly suited for fillet welds. It can be welded on DC and AC up to 1000 A with the single-wire technique.


  • Agglomerated aluminate-basic flux recommended for both two-run and multi-run techniques
  • Good slag detachability
  • High current carrying capacity allowing the use of multi-wire processes


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