cardboard box SAF-FRO

Diameters / Packaging

CBOX 6.0 KG (Approx. 135 PCS)
CBOX 6.5 KG (Approx. 95 PCS)
3.2x450 mm W000258786
4.0x450 mm W000258787


Stick (SMAW)

EN 14700 : E Z (Fe9)
DIN 8555 : E 7-UM-200 KP

Basic electrode for harfacing applications


SAFMANGA is a basic coated austenitic manganese steel MMA electrode for wear resisting hard facing deposits. Used for hardfacing or buttering on carbon steels and high Mn steels, the deposit is only machinable by grinding. The weld metal will increase in hardness by cold-working, from~ 200-250 HB to ~400-500 HB, therefore it is particularly suitable for components which are subjected mainly to wear, caused by heavy impact and shock. During welding, the work pieces should not become too hot and if necessary should be allowed to cool down. When welding large work pieces of austenitic manganese steel, such as crusher jaw plates, it is advisable to weld in a water bath.


  • MMA electrode for wear resisting hard facing deposits.
  • Flat welding position only.
  • Shall be used in DC+ current

Welding Positions

  • Flat/Horizontal

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