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Diameters / Packaging

CBOX 4.3 KG (Approx. 125 PCS)
CBOX 5.3 KG (Approx. 77 PCS)
VPMD 2.1 KG (Approx. 60 PCS)
VPMD 2.2 KG (Approx. 20 PCS)
VPMD 2.2 KG (Approx. 109 PCS)
VPMD 2.3 KG (Approx. 34 PCS)
2.5x350 mm W000287435
3.2x350 mm W000384014 W000287436
4.0x450 mm W000384016 W000258305
5.0x450 mm W000258306


Stick (SMAW)

AWS A5.5 : E9018-G H4
EN ISO 18275-A : E 55 6 Mn1NiMo B T 42 H5

Low Alloy, low hydrogen


TENACITO 65R is a low-alloyed basic coated MMA electrode with a very low hydrogen content. The electrode produce a reliable, crack-free and tough welded joint on steels with a yield strength <550 MPa. The weld metal is of a extremely high metallurgical purity, is ageing resistant, retaining good CVN toughness up to -60°C.and CTOD tested. For sour gas applications, the nickel content is restricted to <1.0% max. On request, TENACITO 65R can be supplied to special quality assurance requirements, including KTA 1408.2. The double coating in diameters 2,5 and 3,2mm, confers a stable and concentrated arc, even at low currents


  • Very convenient for root passes and positional welding.
  • Good gap bridging characteristics.
  • Good X-ray soundness

Welding Positions

  • All position, except vertical down

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