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Change output at a distance without the use of control cables. CrossLinc feeders enable voltage control at the feeder without the extra cable. The result is greater productivity, safety, and quality. Avoid the negative aspects of across the arc models and adding a control cable, while enjoying all the benefits.


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Shipbuilding and repair operation relies on rugged welding equipment to get the job done.

Donjon Deals with Great Lakes’ Worst to Keep Vessels on the Move

The vast Great Lakes waterways serve as highways to swiftly transport goods throughout the Midwest, Canada, the United States and, in fact, the entire world. Given the extreme weather shifts, pounding waves and shallow lake bottoms, vessels must be built tough and repaired quickly and correctly to ensure steady, reliable service. That is where maintenance and repair operations, such as Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair, provide a valuable service to the shipping industry.

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MetalCraft Marine Charts a Course for Improved Productivity and Energy Efficiency

Ontario-based MetalCraft Marine, designer and builder of custom high-performance aluminum work boats, faced a need for upgraded welding equipment. It was time for the boat building company to plot a course for more reliable equipment, lower operating costs and more efficient processes.

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