Magnum PRO Narrow Gap Nozzle-350A; 1/2 ID;Recess

Magnum® PRO 350A Gas Nozzle - Narrow Gap, Thread-On, 1/2 in. ID

Magnum® PRO Gas Nozzle for Magnum® PRO Semi-Automatic Welding Guns. Recess, Flush and Stickout Nozzles rated for 350A.


The Magnum® PRO 350A Narrow Gap Nozzle provides premium welding performance and enables the operator to position their hand further away from the heat of the arc. The additional 1.5" of length and tapered tip allows for easier access and better visibility of tight weld joints.


  • Increased Operator Comfort - Extended length gas nozzle provides optimal performance with comfort in mind
  • Spatter Resistant - Nickel Plated to minimize spatter adhesion
  • Easy To Unscrew - Coarse threads to prevent seizing after repeated use

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