Oerlikon’s fused and agglomerated submerged arc welding fluxes, in combination with the Oerlikon range of solid and tubular wire, have achieved worldwide recognition as the first choice for quality submerged arc welding for a variety of reason :


Mechanical properties: Consistent Cv and CTOD even at deep sub-zero temperatures through the right combination of wire and flux

Weldability: As well as the consistent ability to deliver the highest levels of mechanical properties. Oerlikon fluxes have stable arc running characteristics together with excellent slag detachabilility

Technology: Oerlikon submerged arc welding wire specification are designed to incorporate the state of art technology and hence the highest levels of weld metal toughness are generated for the alloy type. In addition, as new steels and applications are developed so special wires are designed and introduced to the range.

Low hydrogen potential: Oerlikon fully basic and semi basic SAW fluxes are designed and manufactured to give a low hydrogen potential under the most demanding conditions in order to minimize the risks of weld metal hydrogen cracking even after exposure of the flux to atmospheric moisture during recirculation.

DRYBAG: Associated to the new DRYBAG hermetic packaging, specially designed to ensure that the flux can be used straight for even the most critical applications.

Reproducibility: Consolidating the metallurgical rationale for Oerlikon agglomerated fluxes, the grain size distribution and agglomerate strength ensure reliable recirculation characteristics and consistent chemistry. This is most important when submerged arc welding.

Productivity: Oerlikon have pioneered the development of the bulk welding process for critical, high toughness application by designing metal powders compatible with existing Oerlikon wire / flux combination.

Quality: All Oerlikon agglomerated fluxes are produce in ASME approved manufacturing plants under the most stringent quality controls conditions.

Submerged Arc Welding Consumables

Our consumables have been designed to meet the most stringent European requirement in terms of health and safety:
fumes level and toxicity, raw material restriction.



  • Fluxes for high welding speed applications
  • Well suited fluxes for two run technology
  • Fluxes for high thickness applications and low temperature toughness requirements
  • Neutral Fluxes for Stainless steel applications


  • Carbon steel and low alloy steel solid wires
  • Stainless steel wires
  • Flux cored wires to improve deposition rate