Increase Deposition Rates Up To 100%*

Arc time to deposit 1000kg of weld metal at 100% operating factor (Arc Time)

Introducing the Hyperfill® Process

The HyperFill® twin-wire MIG solution was developed to revolutionize heavy fabrication productivity. Designed for semiautomatic and robotic applications, HyperFill® redefines high deposition welding – allowing you to make larger welds, faster and more easily. With its innovative twin-wire design, HyperFill® allows for higher deposition rate without compromising weld quality or operator ease-of-use.

» Maximize productivity – Increases deposition rates over single wire applications
» Improve weld quality – Stable arc for easy control of large weld puddles
» Low system complexity – Powered by a single power source. Fed through a single wire feeder and single contact tip


Deposition Rates Comparison


* Welding Time Study: Arc time to deposit 1000kg of weld metal at 100% operating factor (Arc Time)


HyperFill® Can Increase Your Productivity

HyperFill® will provide all users with the opportunity to achieve higher deposition rates, faster travel speeds and make bigger welds with greater ease.

» Single power source
» Single feeder
» Single gun liner
» Single contact tip
» Single watercooler
» Single electrical arc

HyperFill® is a licenced proprietary welding process of Lincoln Electric® and is sold as a welding and consumable package.