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Sahara ReadyPak Stick Electrodes Package


AWS: ENiCrMo-6

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Top Features

  • Basic high recovery all position electrode for welding low temperature steels
  • Recovery of approximately 150%, providing high deposition rates
  • Especially developed for welding 9% Ni steel
  • Linear expansion coefficient equivalent to that of 9% Ni steel
  • Excellent impact toughness at -196°C, reliable 0.2%-Yield strength
  • Weldable on AC as well as DC+ polarity
  • Only available in vacuum sealed Sahara ReadyPack® (SRP)

Typical Applications

  • 9% Ni steel

Welding Positions

All, except vertical down

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Consumable Details

Diameter (mm)
Product Number
2.5 x 350
  • AWS A5.11 : ENiCrMo-6
  • EN ISO