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Innershield® NR®-207

14lb Coil Innershield NR-207 Hermetically Sealed Pail


AWS: E71T8-K6-H16, E71T8-A2-K6-H16

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Top Features

  • Vertical down hot, fill and cap passes on standard cross-country pipelines and arctic grade pipe
  • Recommended for API grades X42 up to undermatching X70
  • High deposition rates

Typical Applications

  • Standard cross-country pipelines
  • Arctic grade pipe up to undermatched X70

Welding Positions


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Consumable Details

Diameter (in)
Diameter (mm)
Product Number
14 lb Coil (56 lb Pail)
Innershield NR-207
Innershield NR-207
Innershield NR-207
  • AWS A5.29/A5.29M: 2005 E71T8-K6-H16
  • ASME SFA-5.29: E71T8-K6-H16
  • ABS: E71T8-K6
  • DNV Grade: III YMS H15
  • GL: 3YSH15
  • GL: 3YH15S
  • BV Grade: SA3YMH