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Lincolnweld® A-XXX10™

Flux Packaging


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Top Features

  • An alloy flux designed to produce a 1% nickel bearing weld deposit
  • Recommended for use on ASTM A533 Class 1 and A588 weathering steels when combined with Lincolnweld® L-61®
  • Actual (Type 3.1) certificates for each lot of flux showing chemical composition, particle size and moisture level are available in the certificate center

  • Notes:
    Since the alloy level in the weld deposit depends upon the arc voltage, and thus the arc length, always maintain a consistent arc voltage. If more flexibility in procedure is necessary, use 960 flux and LA-75 electrode.

Typical Applications

Welding of A588 weathering steels and ASTM A533-Class 1

Welding Positions

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