Powercraft® PC40


Top Features

  • Intelligent protection with over-voltage, low voltage and over current
  • IGBT technology for high reliability
  • Easy to set up output controls with digital display


Plasma Cutting



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Equipment Details

High Performance Plasma cutting

The Lincoln Tomahawk concept for Plasma cutting focuses on three elements:

  • S - An innovative and patented striking system preserves the electrode tip and extends its lifetime
  • P - Circular enhancements with improved radial airflow and innovative electrode/nozzle design concentrate the plasma stream
  • L - The internally cooled electrode and torch head and electrode/nozzle design considerably increase their lifetime
    • Performance - Innovative advanced electrode and nozzle design
    • Lifetime - Innovative advanced design increases lifetime of consumables
    • Flexible - Multiple torch configurations
    • Concentrated plasma stream - Less heat input, less distortion
    • Variety of materials – Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and many more.
    Input Power
    • 240/1/50/60
    Rated Output
    • 40A@30% / 25A@100
    Input Current
    • 15A
    Output Range
    • 15-40A
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 435 mm x 160 mm x 275 mm
    Net Weight 7.6 kg
    PC40 power source, PC40 plasma torch 6 metre, ground cable with work clamp 3 metre, input cable with integrated 240V 15A plug
    Product Number
    Product Name
    LC65 Hand Cutting Torch 7.5m
    LC65 Hand Cutting Torch 15m
    LC65 Machine Cutting Torch 15m