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Powercraft® 140 Ready to Weld


Top Features

  • EZYSTRIKE eliminates electrodes sticking
  • Ideal for DIY use
  • Ready to weld package

Input Power

  • 240/1/50/60


Stick, Lift TIG



Input ModeInput Polarity
Input HertzInput Phase


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Equipment Details

Making welding simpler • Small welding jobs just became much simpler with the compact and highly portable Powercraft® 140 machine. • Stick and Lift TIG Inverter with digital display. • Superb arc start using the new Lincoln EZYSTRIKE™ technology making striking the arc with the electrode easy – time after time. Just touch ‘n go its that easy. • Ideal for welding jobs around the home, the farm, workshops or where general maintenance is required. • Ready to weld – includes welding cable, clamp, electrode holder, shoulder strap, user manual with welding instructions and suitcase. • Generator compatible. • Supported by 3 year limited warranty (refer to manual).
Input Power
  • 240/1/50/60
Rated Output
  • 130A/25.2V@10%
Input Current
  • 17A
Output Range
  • 10-140A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 230 mm x 130 mm x 290 mm
Net Weight 3.7 kg
Welding cable, Clamp, Electrode holder, Shoulder strap, User manual with welding instructions and Suitcase