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POWERCRAFT® 200M "Ready to weld"


Top Features

  • Multi-process Inverter MIG, TIG and Stick
  • Small and light weight yet powerful
  • Unique features - different outputs, performance and features, to fit any customer requirements
  • Built in VRD to increase operator safety in environments with increased hazard of electric shock.
  • Generator compatible - Ideal for site use.

Input Power

  • 240/1/50/60


MIG, Flux-Cored, Lift TIG, Stick



Input ModeInput Polarity
Input HertzInput Phase


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Equipment Details

The only welding machine you will ever need. • Capable of 4 processes all in the same welder – MIG, flux-cored, stick and pulse AC / DC TIG (including Lift TIG DC and High Frequency AC / DC TIG) welding. • The Powercraft® 200M is a 200 amp 240V / 10amp multi-purpose 4 in 1 welder with EZYSET™ technology. • Simple digital LCD display panel and the EZYSET™ technology provides for synergic control of amps and volts with one dial control. • Built-in automatic protection functions and VRD provide added safety to the welding operator. • Comes Ready-to-Weld™ including: MIG gun, TIG torch, electrode holder, work clamp, cables, drive rolls and flow meter. It is spool gun capable with the addition of spool gun. • Highly versatile and portable the Powercraft® 200M can be used in the workshop or on-site by contractors, general fabrication, sheet metal, maintenance / repair, rural and general DIY.
Input Power
  • 240/1/50/60
Rated Output
  • MIG 10% 200A, 60% 85A, 100% 65A TIG 20% 200A, 60% 115A, 100% 90A
Input Current
  • 15A
Output Range
  • 30-200A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 350 mm x 220 mm x 580 mm
Net Weight 18.1 kg
Ready to weld content includes: Powercraft 200M power source, MIG gun, TIG torch, electrode lead, work return lead, gas hose, regulator / flowmeter, input lead (3m) with 10 amp plug, drive rolls solid 0.6/0.8 and 0.8/0.9, contact tip 0.8 and instruction manual. Manual is available at: https://leau.sharefile.com/d-s23e6220312b14c8eaac6d1f0cd075ebb