The Ultimate On-Site Machine

Air Vantage® 600X Plus


The Ultimate On-Site Machine

The Air Vantage® 600X Plus is a powerful multifunction machine that offers up to 600 amps of IEC rated welding output, 20kW 415V / 240V 50Hz of auxiliary power, and 60 cfm of compressed air in a single package. This is a 3-in-1 workhorse, designed to meet the most challenging job site needs and environments.

The rugged Air Vantage 600X Plus can handle a challenging assortment of tasks from heavy-duty carbon arc gouging to pulse welding. Now better than ever, the machine features CrossLinc® Technology to provide welders with greater control at the arc to help –––improve safety, productivity, and weld quality.
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600A 40% – 575A 60% - 525 100% Duty Cycle @ 40°C with 100PSI/60CFM.

50Hz Auxiliary 415V (32A) & 240V (15A) x2 – Mine Site Ready.

Equipped with a 65.7 HP, Turbocharged Deutz® Diesel Engine.

Integrated 100PSI/60CFM Full Flow, VMAC® Belt Driven Rotary Air Compressor.



SMAW (Stick), FCAW (Flux-Cored), GMAW (MIG), GMAW-P (Pulsed MIG), GTAW (TIG), CAC-A (Arc Gouging).


Heavy Equipment Repair, Energy Utility Repair, Construction, General Fabrication Rental and Mining. 

Air Vantage 600X

Quality and Reliability

New 50Hz Auxiliary with Lockable Switch

New Integrated Active Rotor Voltage and Current Control monitoring hardware/software.

New Access to Engine Protection Codes for easy onsite identification via Hidden Menu.

Full Engine protection system including automatic shutdown for low oil pressure, high engine temperature or low engine alternator voltage. Also, warnings for water in fuel, fuel pressure and more.

Digital Dash Gauge displays Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Engine Hours, Battery Voltage and Fuel Level.

All Printed circuit boards provided a robust environmental shield installed into trays and encapsulated in epoxy.

Simplified wire harnessing keeps connections to a minimum for greater reliability.

Lead and harness strain reliefs on all control connections help ensure trouble-free performance.

Maintenance Features


Removable slide access door to allow for easy access to the engine


Dashboard gauges to quickly check the status of the machine


Air filter handily located for rapid cleaning and replacement 


Removable slide access door to allow for easy access to the engine


Oil drain valve to keep oil changes neat and efficient


Jump start terminals placed on case front for improved accessibility

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Air Vantage® 600X Plus Catalog

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The Ultimate On-Site Machine

Air Vantage® 600X Plus