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What We Look For
At Lincoln Electric, we look for students and recent graduates that desire to be "hands-on" and use their technical knowledge in practical applications. A strong desire for a career in manufacturing is a must. A passion for innovation, strong organizational, problem-solving and communication skills are also required. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following disciplines:

Chemical Mechanical
Computer Welding
Electrical Material Science
Industrial Metallurgy




Lincoln Electric also partners with the Gallup Organization in the Talent Selection process. We’ve learned that Talent is the difference maker when finding the right person for a role. The Gallup process helps ensure we have the right applicants with the optimal mix of Talent, Skill, Knowledge and Experience.

Development Programs
Engineering and Operations Development Program
This high demand program prepares trainees for a wide range of engineering and operations career opportunities at The Lincoln Electric Company. A career in new product design, design and optimization of manufacturing processes, team management or supplier relationship management are just a few possible career opportunities after participating in the Engineering and Operations Development Program.

Program participants will enjoy challenging assignments and mentoring by key members of the Lincoln Electric senior leadership team. The program consists of core rotational assignments and individualized tracks that are created based on the participant’s interest and current business needs. Unlike other training programs, projects assigned are driven by real Lincoln Electric business priorities. This means tangible learning experiences.  In addition, all program participants study at Lincoln's world-renowned Welding Technology Center where they receive hands-on welding training and gain in-depth knowledge about Lincoln Electric’s products and applications.
Program Length
Approximately 12 months. Program time may vary depending on selected track i.e. Research & Development, Operations, Automation, Manufacturing Engineering, Consumables Engineering, etc.

Technical Sales Development Program
This program is designed for engineering graduates that desire a career that offers a high degree of personal interaction with colleagues, customers and distributors. A key component of this career track is providing technical solutions to customers regarding the Lincoln Electric suite of products and applications. Being a key member of The Lincoln Electric sales team entails partnering with various team members within the organization to service our client and distributor groups with the highest levels of customer service and expertise. Program participants will experience technical training in welding processes and new technologies. In addition, all participants study at Lincoln's world-renowned Welding Technology Center where they receive hands-on welding training and gain in-depth knowledge about our products and applications.
As a graduate of this program, you will earn the title of Technical Sales Representative and be assigned to one of the numerous, exciting Lincoln Electric sales offices located in major cities across the U.S. International assignments are also available based on business need and participant interest. As a program participant and as a Technical Sales Rep, you will benefit from the Lincoln Electric Company’s reputation in the marketplace as The Welding Experts.  In short, this career path allows you to build rewarding relationships with customers and distributors and apply your technical, engineering knowledge.
Program Length
8 months

Product Manager/Marketing Development Program
This program prepares participants for an Associate Product Manager role. The Associate Product Manager will assist a Senior Product Manager and serve as the “champion” of a specific product group and eventually have the responsibility and authority to manage an entire product line. In this role, you are measured on the success of that product line, along with the product development team.

Product Manager and Marketing Trainees will participate in the Technical Sales Training program.

Lincoln Electric Internships and Co-Ops provide current students the opportunity to enhance their on campus education with real world experience. Opportunities are offered in a variety of departments within the Company.  Not only will students be assigned meaningful job assignments, but you will also engage in a wealth of training and activities geared to enhance your overall knowledge and experience with the Company.

Applying to Lincoln Electric

Student and Recent Graduate Opportunities