U/LINC Curriculum Webinars

U/LINC Curriculum Webinars 


Have you started preparing your curriculum for the 2016-17 school year?

Did you know Lincoln Electric offers a comprehensive multi-year, multi-process welding and cutting curriculum package?
Take the headache out of curriculum prep. Preview Lincoln Electric U/LINC in one of our upcoming webinars and get ready to make curriculum prep one less thing you need to worry about.


What is U/LINC?

  • A collection of more than 1000 lesson plans, videos, student handouts, assessments, presentations and more
  • Aligned with AWS S.E.N.S.E and state competencies
  • Covers welding and cutting processes, pipe, robotic automation and CNC plasma cutting
  • Designed for all levels of welding education – from an introduction to career pathways all the way to advanced manufacturing training – and everything in between


Webinar Topics:

  • Scope of U/LINC curriculum
  • Sample materials
  • How U/LINC works
  • Student, instructor and administrator access and tools
  • Accessing our 30 day FREE trial
  • Costs and licensing
  • Time for your questions




Register to attend any of these upcoming U/LINC webinars:

February 11, 2016 (Thursday) at 7:00 PM EST
February 17, 2016 (Wednesday) at 4:00 PM EST

March 4, 2016 (Friday) at 11:00 AM EST
March 16, 2016 (Wednesday) at 4:00 PM EST

April 1, 2016 (Friday) at 11:00 AM EST
April 13, 2016 (Wednesday) at 4:00 PM EST
April 29, 2016 (Friday) at 11:00 AM EST

May 11, 2016 (Wednesday) at 4:00 PM EST
May 26, 2016 (Thursday) at 11:00 AM EST