Project Based Lessons for the VRTEX®


Project Based Lessons for the VRTEX® Welding Training Systems is a workbook containing 15 lessons or projects that can be implemented with a welding curriculum. The projects are designed to incorporate a blended training approach of hands on welding combined with virtual welding for an effective education model. Hands on welding training combined with virtual welding training provides an opportunity to practice, develop and refine proper welding body position and techniques as well as learn from student interactions and collaboration.

The Project Based Lessons for VRTEX allows students to benefit from:

  • Reference and ties to educational common core standards and Welding Society SENSE standards.
  • Solve complex problems in a multi-disciplinary approach
  • Utilize fundamental skills - reading, writing, and math
  • Incorporate and teach teamwork, problem solving, research gathering, time management, and information synthesizing


Project Based Lesson for the VRTEX® Welding Training Systems
Order K4057-1 Project Based Lesson 1 - Student Workbook
Order K4057-2 Project Based Lesson 1 - Instructor Guide
Order K4058-1 Project Based Lesson 2 - Student Workbook (Features VRTEX 360 Upgrade 2)


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