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With growing demand in energy markets around the world, rehabilitation of existing infrastructure and construction of new cross-country and subsea pipelines will continue to increase.  To help you meet that demand, Lincoln Electric offers a wide range of equipment, consumables and integrated solutions designed specifically for the pipeline industry.
Pipeline Industry
Subsea Sour Service Pipeline Welding



Scott Funderburk, Director – Global Marketing Pipeline Segment, The Lincoln Electric Company, explains how proper consumable selection can have a significant effect on welding success on subsea sour service pipelines.

Materials specification plays a crucial role in the success and integrity of welds on subsea pipelines, especially sour service pipelines, particularly when it comes to selecting welding consumables.

A sour service pipeline environment is defined by NACE International specification MR017 as “fluids containing water and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) that is a total pressure of 0.4MPa (65psia) or greater, and if the partial pressure of hydrogen sulfide in the gas is greater than 0.0003MPa  (0.05psia).”

More simply put, concentrations of H2S, known as sour gas, are becoming increasingly more prevalent in subsea oil and gas transport conditions. Not only is this gas almost as deadly as carbon monoxide, but it also can be highly damaging to pipelines if the correct materials are not specified. On pipeline exteriors, welds are exposed to lower hydrogen concentrations than those in contact with the sour environment found on surfaces inside the pipeline. Hydrogen sulfide’s corrosiveness can result in sulfide stress corrosion cracking in the welded material. Learn More



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