Bike Box

Bike Box
by Bill Maguire

My bike box is made from .050 inch 5052 aluminum. The bottom and front panels were TIG welded with my old Lincoln Square Wave TIG.

The box is mounted to my reinforced seat back and has the front corner angled to fit a rear bike rack (parts of which were eliminated). The lid of the box is secured with a locked or open type latch. (I'm on the lookout for a lockable push button or twist latch.) The hinge is continuous and made of aluminum. There is a scallop-style bead on each side and on the lid. The lid flange was shaped over a hammer form. Sound matting on the floor of the box reduces road noise.

A couple of friends who ride the same brand bike want one and there is a club of people with the same bike who are also interested. I am making forms and tooling so I can produce additional boxes cost effectively.

I like to commute on my bicycle to work as often as I can; 13 miles total. The tail box eliminates the side bag and rack I used to use; and besides, it looks much cooler.



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