Welding a Sea Turtle Sculpture

Welding a Sea Turtle Sculpture
by Douglas Schuberth of Glenview, IL

Doug made this sea turtle sculpture from hand-formed 16 gauge metal and assembled it using a combination of oxyacetylene and his Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak® 100HD (current model is Weld-Pak® 125HD) wire feeder welder.

One of Doug's hobbies is scuba diving and the inspiration for the sea turtle came from pictures he took during a trip to Bonaire, an island in the Carribbean which is world renowned for its excellent scuba diving.

The turtle is 16 inches high by 35 inches wide by 32 inches long.

The turtle found a home in Doug's backyard and he says his kids like to ride on it. They also like to play it like a steel drum!


Sea Turtle Sculpture


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