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OMNIShield™ Clear Face Shield - Shade 3 (IR/UV) Uncoated


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Top Features

  • Shade 3 IR lens provides infrared light protection for grinding, brazing or oxyfuel cutting applications
  • Premium impact resistant polycarbonate lens is 90% thicker than a traditional face shield (0.077" vs 0.040") for enhanced protection
  • Contoured lens shape provides a full field of view while protecting the face & neck
  • Cushioned front and back headband eliminates pressure points and evenly distributes weight for all day comfort
  • Multi-axis, adjustable headgear provides optimal fit and function for numerous operators and applications

MSRP: $50.79

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Welding Gear Details

Premium high density polycarbonate face shield lens with anti-fog coating for use with OMNIShield headpiece.


Multiple Lens Styles Available:

  • Standard (Uncoated)
  • Anti-Fog Coated
  • Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Coated
  • Shade 3 IR 
Product Number
Product Name
Replacement OMNIShield™ Clear Lens - Uncoated
Replacement OMNIShield™ Clear Lens Anti-Fog Coated
Replacement OMNIShield™ Clear Lens Dual Coating
Replacement OMNIShield™ Lens - Shade 3 IR
OMNIShield™ Headpiece
OMNIShield™ Slotted Hard Hat Adapter
OMNIShield™ Non Slotted Hard Hat Adapter
OMNIShield™ Sweatband (pack of 2)