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Discover the insights from our Chairman and CEO, Mr. Chris Mapes on the philosophy of Diversity is a reality and Inclusion is a choice.

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Hello, I am Chris Mapes, Chairman and CEO, Lincoln Electric.

Lincoln Electric is built on our unique incentive management system, which encourages and rewards employees who maximize their full potential collaborate to achieve excellence and who embody our core values: Customer Focus; Commitment to delivering on our promises; Integrity; People Development; Quality and Performance.

Since 1895 we have been fostering a culture of openness, mutual respect and integrity. At the heart of our culture is the belief in the “Golden Rule” - to treat others as we, ourselves, would like to be treated.

At Lincoln Electric, People are our most valuable asset; represent not only the foundation of our great Company but also the future and our success. For this reason, we are committed to ensure Inclusion and Diversity guide our actions each and every day.

Inclusion at Lincoln Electric extends beyond respecting and valuing the important differences between us in the workplace. We are driven to succeed by openly embracing diversity of thoughts and the outcomes it delivers in making our Company better. Every employee in our organization is motivated to bring to the table their unique perspective and talents - it is how we expect to attract top talent to our Company and successfully serve our diverse customer-base globally. We are well on our journey to enhancing a more diverse and inclusive workplace: An environment where differences are valued and integrated into every part of each organization and where each individual's unique contribution is encouraged.

I have a strong belief that if each of us give “our best” every day, that collectively, we will continue to drive success for the Company.