Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At Lincoln Electric, we will continue to cultivate an incentive-driven culture with a common purpose of responsibly creating value for our organization. We are committed to fostering an environment of openness, mutual respect and inclusion that invites and values differences among employees, customers and suppliers.


Our philosophy extends beyond respecting the important differences between us in the workplace. We are driven to win by openly embracing different ideas and thoughts that will make our Company better. Every employee throughout our organization should be engaged and motivated, knowing that their opinions and suggestions are welcome and their contributions are critical to our success. Only then can we perform at our best, satisfy the needs of our customers and maximize shareholder value.

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At Lincoln Electric, every employee matters and every role contributes to the success of our business!!

Since 1895 we have been committed to an environment of openness, mutual respect and integrity.

We follow the principle of the “Golden Rule” and treat others as we, ourselves, would like to be treated.

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We are well on our journey to enhancing a more diverse and inclusive workplace: An environment where differences are valued and integrated into every part of the organization and each individual’s unique contribution is welcome and encouraged.

A belief that together we can accomplish what we, alone, cannot achieve.

Each of us is a catalyst to make mutual success—as individuals and together as a global organization.

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