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Dave Hall 

 Al Nystrom


Dave Hall

Al Nystrom



Course Offerings and Prerequisites
All courses are conducted on a lecture-lab basis. Course capacity is limited, early registration is advised. Transportation will be furnished to and from Lincoln Electric each day only to the Lincoln Electric authorized hotel (Cleveland schools only). If you are staying in another location you will be responsible for your own transportation. Lunch will be provided by Lincoln Electric.

Students attending any Lincoln Electric service training class are expected to have an electrical background. We suggest that you take the Entry Level Examination to determine your electrical skills. Please do not register for a class until you have enough electrical knowledge to pass this test at 70% or better.

Take Entry Level Exam

LASF Certification Training Course (5 days): Monday through Friday
Class hours are 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM (if flying out of Cleveland, plan on a 7:00 PM flight or later). All attendees are required to have a working knowledge of electrical theory and components. Class open to all who pass the pre-requisite test: Take Entry Level Exam

Repair technicians will be shown the fundamentals of conventional welder operation. The class will begin with basic theory and then show how that theory applies to machines normally serviced by LASFs. The machines in this course will include transformer/rectifier and basic inverter style machines, as well as engine driven machines and wire feeders. At the conclusion of the course, the technician must pass a test on the material covered.

LASF Recertification Training Course* (3 days): Tuesday through Thursday
Class hours are 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM (if flying out of Cleveland, plan on 7:00 PM flight or later). This course is open to certified LASF technicians only. Technicians will learn about the new products being released by Lincoln Electric. We will discuss theory and how it applies to the new machines. There will be extensive hands-on testing to familiarize the technician with the new products.

Power Wave Technology Course* (4 days): Tuesday through Friday
Class hours are 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM (if flying out of Cleveland, plan on 7:00 PM flight or later). This course is open to certified LASF technicians and customers. Taking this course will count toward maintaining your certification. A strong electronics and electrical background are recommended. Attendees will be shown the theory of Power Wave welding systems. This class will cover the fundamentals of these systems from manual to fully automatic processes. There will be extensive hands on testing at the conclusion of this course. Communication cables will be provided to attendees with laptops.

Engine Driven Technology Course* (3 days): Tuesday through Thursday
Class hours are 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM (if flying out of Cleveland, plan on 7:00 PM flight or later). This course is open to certified LASF technicians only. Technicians will be shown the theory of Lincoln Electric engine driven power sources. We will cover the theory of DC generators, AC alternators, and how we use the technology in our machines. There will be some classroom and extensive hands on testing.


*Class counts for LASF recertification

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Online Class Registration View

All registrations for Service Schools are now done online – click the above "View" button for class registration. A confirmation email will be sent once registration is completed. Please note that the classes fill up quickly. Register at least six weeks in advance of the course in order to assure the best chance of getting into the class of your choice. Online class registration will be closed four days prior to their start date. Courses will be held if six or more students enroll. All cancellations must be done via email at least 10 days prior to the class start date. Any cancellation done in less than 10 days from the course will still be charged the course fee.

Hotel Reservations

It is necessary for you to contact the hotel, make and confirm your reservation, as well as provide payment. Information pertaining to the hotel will be provided in the "Hotel Information" section of the class registration page. It can also be found in your confirmation email that you will receive upon registration. If class is held in Cleveland, you will also receive a link to the hotel site to make reserving a room quick and easy.

No Smoking Policy
The Lincoln Electric Company provides a healthy, non-smoking environment for all our employees and visitors, therefore smoking is not permitted on the premises (includes parking lot).

Casual clothes are acceptable. Please wear a shirt with sleeves and long pants. Steel toed shoes required.​

Your cost will include the registration fee, plus other items such as your hotel bill, meals and transportation to the city where the class is being held.