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To make a quality pipe every time, you need the right resources.  Lincoln Electric offers a complete solution to support your mill: consumables to weld everything from mild steel up to X120 and beyond, equipment that’s reliable and cutting-edge, integrated solutions from Uhrhan & Schwill and unmatched experience in the industry.
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Adding the Power Wave® AC/DC 1000 SD from Lincoln Electric allows United Spiral Pipe to nearly double line speed, while boosting quality

"Tack welding is a common bottleneck in both longitudinal and spiral pipe mill production all over the world... United Spiral Pipe raised the bar for spiral tacking speeds.”

Each day, fabrication crews at United Spiral Pipe LLC are charged with one task: to produce high-quality, large-diameter, helical-submerged-arc-welded (SAWH) spiral pipe for the oil and gas industry. And they do just that – at record-breaking speeds.

The Pittsburg, Calif.-based pipe mill, a joint-venture between U.S. Steel, SeAH and POSCO, uses an advanced automated two-step welding process that is capable of producing 300,000 net tons of line pipe per year. Outside diameters of produced spiral pipe range from 24 to 64 inches, using A252- through X80-grade steel with wall thicknesses from ¼ to 1 inch. The process consists of one forming and three welding lines.

Two-Stepping through Production
Two-step spiral SAWH-pipe fabrication begins with forming, tack welding and cutting. Hot-band coils unwind on a mandrel and feed into an edge miller that cuts and prepares strip edges for the tack welding process. The feed angle depends on strip width and final outside diameter. From there, the pipe is formed into the proper diameter and tack welded via a large-wire gas-metal-arc-welding (GMAW) process and cut in lengths from 40 to 80 feet.

The second step of the welding process sends the tack-welded pipe into one of three final welding stations. Here, the pipe’s tack-welded seam is re-welded using SAWH to fully meet API 5L standards and customer requirements.

Welding Speed Nearly Doubled 
Upfront during initial tack welding is where the mill has gained true speed and efficiency – with measurable quality improvements. Welding speeds have nearly doubled at the tacking station via a unique setup using the PowerWave® AC/DC 1000® SD power source from Lincoln Electric and integration through Uhrhan & Schwill GmbH, a Lincoln Electric subsidiary. Learn More



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Uhrhan Schwill Lincoln Electric Company 

Uhrhan & Schwill GmbH specializes in fully integrated and customized multiple-arc welding systems for longitudinal and spiral pipe welding.

Founded in 1963 in Essen, Germany, Uhrhan & Schwill has long led the way in the development of customized welding systems for pipe mills.  The company has more than 300 systems active in every pipe-making region around the globe, including the United States, China, India, Russia and Europe.

The 1998 acquisition of Uhrhan & Schwill by Lincoln Electric was a merger of perfectly complementary companies: Lincoln Electric’s consumables and process solutions with Uhrhan & Schwill’s welding systems. Together, they continue to innovate and provide the most efficient and best performing welding solutions in the industry. 


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