Tomahawk 375 Air plasma cutter with LC25 cutting torch
Tomahawk 375 Air Plasma Cutter
Tomahawk 375 Air Plasma Cutter
Tomahawk 375 Air Plasma Cutter
Tomahawk 375 Air Plasma Cutter
Tomahawk 375 Air Plasma Cutter

Tomahawk® 375 AIR Plasma Cutter with 10 ft (3.0 m) Hand Torch


The Tomahawk 375 AIR plasma cutter cuts mild and stainless steel precisely and can be used with either external or internal compressor.




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CAD $2,659.00/EA

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Plasma Cutting - Anywhere, Anytime

The Tomahawk® 375 Air plasma cutting system arrives ready to go for fast and precise cutting. With the 375 Air, forget the grinder & pick up the torch and cut in seconds.


  • Ultimate Portability – Internal air compressor enables operation in environments where external compressed air is not available.
  • Continuous Output Control – Focus the arc for different material thickness
  • Touch Start System – Reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency.
  • Rapid Arc Restrike – Fast cutting through gaps, even expanded metal.
  • Front Panel Purge Control – Makes it easy to set the airflow rate without initiating the plasma arc.
  • Cool Operation, Long Consumable Life - New electrode and nozzle design save you money in the long run.
  • Added Safety – Our Parts-in-Place system detects the correct installation of consumables and torch.
  • Engine Drive Compatible – Select a Lincoln Electric Ranger® or Vantage® to power your Tomahawk® in remote locations


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

What's Included

  • (1) Tomahawk 375 AIR Plasma Cutter
  • (1) Internal Air Compressor (External Air Connection also Standard)
  • (1) K2846-1 LC25 Hand Torch and 10 ft (3 m) Cable
  • (3) KP2842-1 Electrode
  • (3) KP2842-2 Nozzle 25A
  • (2) KP2842-4 Swirl Ring
  • (1) KP2842-3 Retaining Cap
  • (1) KP2842-5 Drag Spacer
  • (1) Air Regulator and Pressure Gauge
  • (1) Internal Water Separator
  • (1) Work Clamp and Cable
  • (1) Shoulder Strap
  • (1) Input Power Cord

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Machine Inputs & Outputs

Phase 1: Input Voltage #1 (Voltage/Phase/Hertz) 208/230/1/60
Phase 1: Rated Output #1A (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) 13A/85.2V/100%
Phase 1: Rated Output #1B (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) 18A/87.2V/60%
Phase 1: Rated Output #1C (Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle) 25A/90V/35%
Phase 1: Input Current at Max Rated Ouput #1 (Current) 21.7A

Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 15.2 in x 8.5 in x 18.9 in (385 mm x 215 mm x 480 mm)
Net Weight 40 lbs (18 kg)


Machines Processes Plasma Cutting
Max Rating 25A

Plasma Machines

Torch Included Yes
Gas Supply Air or Nitrogen
Gas Pressure Required 80 - 110 psi (6 -7.5 Bar)
Recommended Cutting Capacity (Mild Steel) (In/ft) 5/16 in. @22 ipm
Recommended Cutting Capacity (Mild Steel) (mm/M) 7.9 mm. @ .56 m/min
Maximum Cutting Thickness (Mild Steel) (ln/Ft) 3/8 in. @ 14 ipm
Maximum Cutting Thickness (Mild Steel) (mm/M) 9.5 mm. @ .36 m/min
Maximum Severance (Mild Steel) (In/Ft) 1/2 in. @ 5 ipm
Maximum Severance (Mild Steel) (mm/M) 12.7 mm. @ .13 m/min

Basic Specification

Output Range 10-25A


Typical Application Construction
General Fabrication


Warranty 3 Year on Machine, 1 Year on Torch

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