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Cor-A-Rosta 309L

Wire box

AWS: E309LT0-1/-4

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Top Features

  • Gas shielded flux cored high CrNi alloyed wire electrode for downhand welding
  • For welding stainless to mild steel and buffer layers in clad steel
  • Excellent weldability and self releasing slag
  • High resistance to embrittlement

Typical Applications

  • Dissimilar metals (mild and low alloy steel to CrNi or CrNiMo stainless steel)
  • Build-up welding on mild and low alloy steel

Welding Positions

Flat, Horizontal and Circumferential

Shielding Gas

  • M21 : Mixed gas Ar+ (>15-25%) CO2
  • C1: Active gas 100% CO2
  • Gas flow : 15-25l/min

Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
15kg Spool S300
  • AWS 5.22: E309LT0-1/-4
  • ISO 17633-A: T 23 12 L R C/M 3
  • LRS
  • TUV