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Outershield MC555CT-H

outershield wire coil

AWS: E80C-W2 H4

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Top Features

  • Gas shielded 0,5%Ni-0,5%Cu-0,5%Cr alloyed metal cored wire for welding weather resistant (CorTen) steel grade
  • Excellent arc characteristics give outstanding operator appeal
  • Virtually no spatter, high travel speed and excellent wire feeding
  • Excellent mechanical properties (CVN >47J at -40°C)
  • Superior product consistency with optimal alloy control

Welding Positions

All, except vertical down

Shielding Gas

  • M21 : Mixed gas Ar+ (>15-25%) CO2
  • Gas flow : 15-25l/min

Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
16kg Spool B300
  • AWS 5.28: E80C-W2 H4
  • ISO 17632-B - T554T15-0MA-NCC1-UH5