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SuperGlaze® MIG 5356 TM™

SuperGlaze or SuperGlaze HD Aluminum MIG Wire

AWS: ER5356

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Top Features

  • Superior Wetting – unparalleled bead profile and appearance which are critical for groove and fillet welds on aluminium trailer beds
  • Enhanced Puddle Clarity and Control – SuperGlaze® 5356 TM™ has an engineered chemical composition developed specifically to outperform standard ER5356 electrodes and gives the operator unprecedented control
  • Maximum Arc Performance and Stability – proprietary manufacturing processes give SuperGlaze® 5356 TM™ the smoothest surface finish in the industry, making it ideal for automatic applications on formed truck panels

Typical Applications

  • High speed groove welds on formed truck panels
  • Multi-pass fillet and lap welds on 6XXX series base materials
  • Robotic fillet welds on trailer tanks requiring minimal post-weld clean up

Welding Positions


Shielding Gas

  • I1 : Inert gas Ar (100%)
  • I3: Inert gas Ar+ 0.5-95% He

Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
7kg Spool BS300
7kg Spool BS300
7kg Spool BS300
  • AWS A5.10/A5.10M: ER5356
  • ASME SFA-A5.10: ER5356
  • CWB/CSA W48-06: ER5356