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Kryo® 4

Sahara ReadyPak Stick Electrodes Package

AWS: E7016-C2L-H4R

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Top Features

  • The basic all position offshore electrode with approx. 3.5% Ni
  • Excellent impact toughness down to -80°C in as welded condition and -100°C after PWHT
  • Extremely low hydrogen content
  • Only available in vacuum sealed Sahara ReadyPack® (SRP)

Typical Applications

  • Offshore applications

Welding Positions

All, except vertical down

Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
2.5 x 350
1.4kg Sahara ReadyPack
3.2 x 350
1.8kg Sahara ReadyPack
  • AWS A5.5 : E7016-C2L-H4R
  • ISO 2560-A: E 38 8 3Ni B 32 H5