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Stick Electrodes Packaging

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Top Features

  • A basic coated electrode that produces a high speed steel deposit similar to M-1 tool steel
  • The deposited weld metal is air hardening
  • Resists metal-to-metal abrasion
  • Excellent arc characteristics, good restriking, low spatter and weld quality
  • The electrode coating permits the use of the drag or contact welding technique

Typical Applications

  • Punch and forging dies
  • Shear blades
  • Trimmers
  • Cutting tools

Welding Positions


Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
2.5 x 350
2.5kg PE tube
3.2 x 350
2.5kg PE tube
4.0 x 350
2.5kg PE tube
  • EN 14700: E Fe4