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Clearosta E 304L

AWS: E308L-17

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Top Features

  • Double coated stick electrode for welding similar austenitic stainless steel
  • High operator appeal and control due to the more stable and focused arc transfer
  • Reduced welding fume (up to -40%) and lower hexavalent Cr content (up to -60%) of the fume contribute to an improved working environment in the workshop, for all workers
  • Suitable for root pass
  • Lower porosity, good striking and restriking
  • Excellent slag removal
  • Available in vacuum pack

Typical Applications

Applications include wet-corrosion conditions for operating temperatures <350°C, non scaling <800°C

Welding Positions

All, except vertical down

Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
2.5 x 300
1.7kg Vacuum Pack
3.2 x 350
1.9kg Vacuum Pack
4.0 x 350
2.1kg Vacuum Pack
5.0 x 350
1.6kg Vacuum Pack
  • AWS 5.4: E308L-17
  • ISO 3581-A: E 19 9 L R 22
  • CE
  • TUV