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Innershield® NR®-555

Ultracore stainless, flux-cored wire, plastic spool

AWS: E81T8-A5-K8-H8

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Top Features

  • Self-shielded wire designed for welding in structural applications
  • Welder friendly operability and flat bead face in out-of-position fillets and groove welds
  • Meets AWS D1.8 seismic lot waiver requirements
  • Impact properties at-40/50°C
  • Vacuum packaging prevents rust and prolongs storage life

Typical Applications

  • Structural
  • General Fabrication

Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
11.3 kg plastic spool
11.3 kg plastic spool
  • AWS A5.36: E81T8-A5-K8-H8
  • ISO 17632-A:T 46 5 ZY N1 H10
  • EN ISO 17632-B: T 55 5 T8-1 N A-G-H10